Eskimo North

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Aaron Waller - System Admin

     Amoungst all the recent disasters I've had one event I consider fortunate.

     I've hired Aaron Waller back to work as a system administrator here.  He
will be here to get some much needed projects done.

     The first and most important thing will be getting ssh2 installed and
working on all the boxes so we can securely talk between them.

     Then he'll be working on getting a Radius server here operational so we
can do authentication of dialup connections ourselves rather than having to
depend upon 3rd parties that have become extremely flakey as of late. 

     After that some other projects like upgrading pop-3, imapd, etc with some
modifications to update the last logged in timer so expired accounts don't have
their files deleted immediately if they're still being used in other ways other
than shell logins. 

     Then there will be things like getting php4 securely installed on the web
server, and some mods there.  Beyond that there are many other upgrades that
have been requested and infrastructure we need to build for future projects
such as web e-mail and news, etc.

     He'll be starting the week after this one.