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Ultra1 Crash

     We've been having some problems with flakiness on ultra1 for the last
several weeks.

     Over the weekend I built a new kernel to address at least one issue but
incorrectly configured it which caused the system to be sluggish and flakey

     Chris received a call tonight from a user who was unable to access the
mail server and found ultra1 to be unresponsive.

     He rebooted ultra1.  The video card in the machine decided to pick that
moment to die, and it died in such a way that not only was the display
non-functional but Linux would not complete the boot process.

     So we were forced to replace the video card on Ultra1, and then file
system checks took some time to resolve some problems caused by the crash.

     It went down at 19:13 and was back up at 21:03.  Since a solid hardware
problem was found and fixed, I expect that it will be more stable now.