Eskimo North

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Maintenance Outage ~11pm 6/11/2004 - ~6am 6/12/2004 Server Move

     I am tentatively planning to move five machines including the present main
file server to a co-location facility friday evening/saturday morning, probably
starting shortly after 11pm.

     This will result in an outage of most host functions during that time
frame.  Although dialup will still authenticate, any host functions will be at
least temporarily unavailable during that time frame.

     I say that this is tentative because there is a lot of work to do yet
between now and then and I don't want to go if we're not ready.

     After this move of servers is completed, any network lag you have
experienced here will be gone.  We'll have almost five times the bandwidth we
have presently and the backbone lag on the network connection at the co-lo
facility is almost non-existant.

     You should still be able to login and browse the web, telnet to non-eskimo
servers, etc.  I've got one server at the co-lo facility now with a name server
operating so that when we switch the routing, name service will continue to
operate.  We also have one authentication server in different address space
that will remain here so that authentication of dialup connections will

     But you will be unable to retrieve mail, send mail, ftp files, web pages
will not be served, and shell service will be unavailable.  Most of these
services should be back within about two hours, shell service may take longer.