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Chinese III Anyone?

     Chinese III anyone?

     My wife and I are currently learning Chinese.  We started with an
introductory coarse at North Seattle Community Colledge, and then took
Chinese I and II at Cascadia.

     Chinese III will only be offered at Cascadia if there is a minimum of
five students and right now we have only four that are going to sign up 
for sure.

     People interested should have 40-60 hours of Chinese class already.

     The classes are held at the Cascadia/UW Bothell Campus, presently
wednesdays 7-9PM but after Sept 29, that will need to be reschedualed 
because Chinese I will start taught by the same instructure.  Most likely
the class will be reschedualed to Fridays at that time IF we can find at
least one more person interested so we can continue.

     The class is easy to reach, it's right near the Beardslee exit off of
I-405, so it can be reached easily from 405, I-5, Bothell Way.  Parking is
$1/day at a covered garage facility.

     The instructor is Hongen Yao.  He is a native Chinese speaker and a
very patient and motivational individual who creates a comfortable
environment in spite of the small class size.

     The small class size means you'll get a lot more personal attention 
and practice than you might get at a larger university setting.

     The class is using the text book, "Integrated Chinese, 2002, Cheng &
Tsui Company".

     The tuition is $150, which if you check on what BCC or UW want, 
you'll see is quite a bargain, especially given the small class size.

     My e-mail is, if interested, please e-mail me with
contact info so we let the instructor know we've got a fifth interested

     This class is not in the Cascadia catalog and won't be because they
didn't know at time of printing if there would be enough interest and 
still don't know.  Right now we have four people who want to continue, we
need a fifth to have a class.