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Web SSH terminal

     A new way to access your shell account!

     We've added a Java-SSH web based Java client that allows you to get a
terminal window in a web browser and login to your shell account.

     This allows you to access your shell securely from locations or systems
equipped with a web browser but not equipped with ssh or possibly any terminal

     On our home page under Web Applications, below Web Mail you'll find a
link from web ssh client.  Click on that, provide your login and password,
and you'll get a terminal window logged into your shell account.

     Be sure to exit with a control-D or exit before hitting the Quit button.

     This is known to work with Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox, and it will
work with Internet Explorer if you have the Java-2 plug-in.  We'd be curious
to hear with other browsers do or do not work.

     Web ssh encrypts your data before it crosses the internet to prevent
interception of data as it transverses the network.

     The security of the originating machine is still important however since a
keystroke monitoring program could still potentially intercept keyboard input
before it reaches the browser.