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CPU Upgrade...

     The CPU upgrade for eskinews ended up being more complex than I thought.
The Ross-180 CPU's required a ROM upgrade, but the ROMS were only provided for
SS-10/SS-20, not the 4-ROM set for the 4/670.

     So I ended up moving the news machine to a spare SS-10 chassis I had
totally forgot that I had and retired the 4/670MP which took more than I had
originally anticipated.

     Meanwhile, the site that provides our newsfeed was also reconfiguring
their machine.  When ours came back up we were no longer receiving a feed.
They've apparently borked something on their end and won't be able to fix
it until tomorrow morning.

     So news is up here, and there is a dribble from a few minor feeds but our
normal feed is down.  You can read existing news, and post.

     We expect to get the incoming feed resolved tomorrow.

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