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Eskimo North BBS

     Eskimo North started as a single line BBS in 1982, when we went to a
Unix system in 1985, for a while we lost that.  But eventually got something
running called mmbbs which basically provided a room system interface for

     But after the Internet came into being and we transitioned into an ISP,
interest in the login to shell text based system dwindled.

     About two weeks ago (July 30th) I put online a new web-based BBS based
upon phpBB.  It's been a slow start but conversations have been picking up

     Like the original single line BBS running on a Trs-80 model III in 1982,
it is free to everyone.  You do not have to have an account on Eskimo North,
the BBS is free, registration is free.  It does require mail validation (that
is you apply, it e-mails you a URL in e-mail, and then you click on that URL
and you're account is registered).

     Current Forums:

		The Bar
		Web Development
		Unix Shell
		Community Events
		Office/Productivity Applications
		Religion / Spirituality
	System Forums:
		Bug Reports
		Feature and Forum Requests
	For Sale:
		Free Stuff

     We would be happy to have your suggestions for new forums or other
improvements.  Please come take a look:

 Eskimo North Linux Friendly Internet Access, Shell Accounts, and Hosting.
   Knowledgable human assistance, not telephone trees or script readers.
 See our web site: (206) 812-0051 or (800) 246-6874.