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     I read headlines here a few days back about a major spammer being arrested
and how we would all see a noticable decrease in our spam.

     About that same time my INBOX started seeing significantly MORE spam. One
of the RBLs we used to block open relays (ORDB) is no longer, another that we
used, (spamcop) became so lagged that non-compliant mail servers timed out
before it responded causing customer complaints, and so was removed.

     Between the two of those a fairly significant fraction of the spam was
intercepted and rejected.

     I've added some new RBL's and also added some sendmail rules that check
things that weren't previously checked.  For example, incoming mail is now
checked to see that the domain it is from has valid MX records, this is
actually done through an RBL that automates this remotely.

     Hostnames names are now checked against a number of RHS RBL's and this
should snag a percentage.

     But with new checks comes new false positives as well, sites which aren't
spammer sites but are configured improperly.  As before it is possible to
exempt you from system spam filtering if you feel that it is too aggressive.

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