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Need a Blank 1-2x CD-R

     I've run into a peculiar problem.  The CD-Rom drives on Sun computers are
slow and incapable of reading CD's written at faster than 2X reliably.

     At the same time, my PC has a semi-modern drive in it that has limits on
the low end of the speed you can go with a given media.  If you put a 52X CD in
it, the slowest it will let you write it is 8X.

     I'm trying to load Aurora Linux on a Sun that will become the new shell
server but Disk 3 has errors and I am out of 2X blanks (and I can't buy them
anymore since everyone now stocks fast media).

     I've dug through my pile but can't find anymore antique CD-R's.  If anyone
has some antique old 1-2X CD-R's lying around, I'll trade you for some fast

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