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System Load

     We are running into load issues where the main NFS server is having
difficulty keeping up with disk I/O requirements caused by recent large
increases in spam and virus transmissions.

     We are working on a new server to provide additional capacity however some
stability issues (the server is shutting itself down thinking it has an
overheat condition when in fact all the components are stone cold to the touch)
that need to be addressed before it can go into service.

     In the meantime, you can help by doing the following:

     If you run Windows, make sure that your machine is free of virus and other
malware.  Be sure you have a good anti-viral and a good anti-spyware program
installed.  Personally, I recommend either Avast or AVG for anti-virus and
either Spybot Search and Destroy or Super AntiSpyware.  I will add that
although it is generally

     No anti-virus or anti-spyware program works if it's database isn't up to
date, and if scans aren't run frequently.  At this point the problem is so
severe that I recommend doing both daily.  Schedual a scan to run daily at some
point where you're not using the computer and I recommend doing a full deep
scan not a quick scan.

     Second, limit the amount of mail you keep in your INBOX; pop-3 copies the
entire INBOX to a temporary file during the session, and if you have a huge
amount of mail in your INBOX then all of it must be copies each time you check

     It is OK to keep mail in other folders, these do not affect the session
and do not add to resource usage, but please try to keep your INBOX reasonably

     Please avoid using the "Leave Mail On Server" option of your mail client
unless you absolutely must, and then if you must please try to move as much
mail as possible out of your INBOX and into other folders, keeping your INBOX
as minimal as possible.

     These things will reduce the I/O load on the servers as well as speed up
your e-mail access.  These things are good practice even if we had server
capacity to burn as it still will speed up your e-mail access and improve the
security of your PC and it's contents.

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