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Dialup / Server / Need Help!

     A couple of things have happened recently.  I have installed a Xeon based
server that will provide a number of new abilities and which I really intend to
be a start of migration to x86 hardware.

     Sparc hardware has served us well for many years, but just as Apple has
abandoned the Power-PC, Sun has largely abandoned Sparc except for their high
end servers that are priced out of anything I'll be able to afford in this

     The unfortunate side effect of this is that the Linux community doesn't
seem to be actively supporting the platform any longer.  The last release of
Aurora Linux, the port of Linux specifically targeted towards UltraSparc
hardware, was more than a year ago and there is no indication of any current

     So in order to be able to run modern applications, we are pretty much
going to be forced to migrate towards Intel/AMD x86 class hardware.

     So I've got this new server installed over at the co-location facility but
CentOS 5.2 (the distribution of Linux I am moving towards) is largely GUI
based, rather than command line based like older Linuxes.

     Years ago, when I worked for Qwest (up to 1995), there was a way to run an
X-server on my machine at home and a desktop on a remote machine displaying on
my local machine.  Unfortunately, in the 13 years that has passed, I've
completely forgotten how to do this.  I know how to display a remote X
application, but not an entire desktop.  What I want to do is run gnome on a
rmeote machine but display on a local machine so that I can work on the server
as if I were there in person.

     If anyone knows how to do this, or has a good reference document, or knows
where X windows is documented on line these days, your help would be

     On another note; we now have a low cost $9.99/month or $99/year dial plan
available.  It has national coverage but is limited to 150 hrs/month.  It's not
documented on the website yet but that is coming.

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