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Squirrelmail Upgrade

     I have upgraded squirrelmail to the current stable release of 1.4.17
as well as corrected some PHP issues that resulted in a failure to load
large mailboxes.

     There was a 60 second timeout in the PHP configuration and if a
mailbox took longer than that to load (around 300MB would do it), it would
fail.  I've set this value to ten minutes; but in the interest of overall
speed you should try to keep the default mailboxes which are INBOX, Drafts,
Sent, and Trash, sizes minamal.  Any mail that you want to keep for long
periods of time should be saved in non-default folders so that they will
only load if you specifically open them.

     There are some other additions I am working on to provide support for
foreign languages, but there is more infrastructure that needs to be in
place before that can be done.

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