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Shell Server

     The shell server at is presently down and I'm headed out to
reboot; but it is old and ill and probably not repairable.

     We have a new shell server you can connect to presently using ssh only.
If you have a windows machine, download Putty, it's free, and provides an ssh

     The new shell server is at


     Or in putty, select ssh protocol (version 2), port 22, and
connect to

     We were not able to use SunOS emulation for legacy applications as planned
because it's been removed from the newer 2.6.x Linux kernels so we will have to
(and are in the process of) recompiling all the legacy applications that we

     We're still working on telnet and rlogin connections, so right now ssh is
the only option for connecting to it.

     Pine is available on the new shell server and is the most recent (and
colorful) version.

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