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Infrastructure Upgrades

     All of the name servers have been upgraded from Bind 8 on Sparc and old
versions of Linux, to Bind 9 on Intel platforms under CentOS 6.3 Linux.

     A local dig used to take about 35ms to respond, now on a fast machine like
shellx, it is 0ms, not even time for a single clock tick.

     FTP for has been moved over to a new version of wu-ftpd
(2.8.0).  I went with CC1 rather than later versions because later versions
implimented commands which are still in draft in the RFC and FileZilla, a
popular graphical FTP client barfs on CC2 and later.

     I looked at PureFtpd, and vsFtpd, no support for virtual domains on those,
and ProFtpd did have support for virtual domains but not a lot of the security
and configuration options I wanted.  ProFTP also had intermittant
authentication issues and this was true whether I used files or PAM.

     I can't move the virtual domains over to the new ftp server until I get
the web server done because they share IP addresses thus must be hosted on the
same machine.

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