Paying Early

A number of people wanted me to e-mail them the suggestions others made. This quickly becomes a big waste of time, so instead I'v'e decided to put forums to use and create a group here for this purpose. I will post here suggestions that are e-mailed (unless they are of a personal nature) and you can also post suggestions directly here or comment on those already posted.

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Paying Early

Post by Nanook » Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:37 pm

A number of people have volunteered to pay for services early, but this would only move a problem into the future. As August has gone on we brought in enough new business that it is not urgent but I do want to see this do better in the future, service more people better, help people with their hosting needs as well as help them learn about computers in general and Linux in particular. I would like to build the type of strong vibrant community that we had back when we were just a BBS.

So those e-mails offering to pay in advance won't be posted here, but I will post suggests as to how to improve our services and better market them.

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