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Post Apocalyptic Dream

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:04 pm
by Nanook
Last night I was me in my dream, for the third night in a row, but it was the first post apocalyptic dream I've ever had, which is odd because I am a fan of the movie genre, A Boy and his Dog, Mad Max, Six String Samurai, etc.

It was very strange, about 99.99% of the people were just missing. No bodies, no property damage, fire, bombs, dead bodies laying around, infectious agents, just everyone gone. I had no awareness of what happened to them only that they were gone. My wife and oldest son Carl were still here, the rest of my kids, all of our relatives and friends, gone.

Paper money had returned to it's intrinsic value because anyone could just smash the window out of a bank, climb in and take all the cash they wanted, there were no police to stop them. For some reason I had little concern over the future, did not think of things like stocking up on a few generators, freezers, fuel, to store frozen food, etc.

There wasn't much violence, people went into stores and took what they needed but it really wasn't looting per se' because there was no functional economy, no means of exchange except for direct trading and even there people to trade with were so rare and infrequently encountered even that was pretty much meaningless.