Connect to Servers Terminal or Full Desktop via Web!

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Connect to Servers Terminal or Full Desktop via Web!

Post by Nanook » Sun Mar 03, 2019 6:27 pm

Posted on March 3, 2019

New Feature!

A while back I asked for your suggestions. What follows is an implementation of one of them that I think is a great addition to Eskimo. I hope that you agree.

If you go to our website,, under Web Apps, you will notice there is a new item called Host Terminal or Shell.

At the authentication prompt use:

Login: public
Password: public

This replaces the old SSH Shell functionality but is much better.

It allows connections to different hosts, it does not require Java or anything other than an HTML5 compliant browser.

Second, if you choose Desktop rather than Terminal, you can get a full graphical desktop up and use any of the graphical applications from a web browser.

If you choose Terminal, you will get a text login prompt and you can type your login and password and then you will be in a terminal.

If you choose Desktop, you will get a graphical login prompt and you type your login and password and your desktop will appear.

Please be sure to logout when you are done or it can leave a session running wasting memory. If you are idle for 60 minutes, it will in theory timeout and tear the session down but this does not work 100% of the time.

I do not have sound working yet. There will be many changes to come to this and eventually all the hosts will be present. But I wanted people to get a look at it and start using as soon as possible so that I can be aware of any bugs while I’m still working on it.

I don’t have all the hosts working yet but will add them as I get them working.

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