Memcached Memory Cache

Memcached is a general in-memory cache facility.

Memcached can speed things up in several ways:

  1. Memory is thousands of times faster than disk. As a general principal, we try to operate out of memory and avoid disk I/O whenever possible. By providing a general in-memory caching facility, memcached helps us do that.
  2. If a dynamic web page has been created and the content hasn't changed since it was last created, it is faster to serve a cached copy than to regenerate the page. Many PHP applications, such as MyBB, can use memcached to perform this function.
  3. Normally, the Zend PHP engine has to compile PHP code into an intermediate form that it then interprets with every page invocation. This is the most expensive part of interpreting PHP code in web pages. Memcached allows the compiled form of PHP code to be stored so that the next invocation can avoid the overhead of compiling it again thus servicing the page request faster.

For most applications to take maximum advantage of memcached, you either need to set something in the configuration (this is the case with MyBB and Coppermine), or you need to include a plugin (for WordPress, use the Tribe Object Cache plugin). If you need help with your particular application, please contact customer support and we'll be happy to assist you.

The default cache size memcached provides is 64MB, however, we have ours configured to cache 1GB of data so requested objects can almost always be satisfied from cache.

Our average page load speed according to Google is 56ms and worst case the last time I checked was around 180ms. Even the worse case is not enough for a user to notice delay. Note, this is for material hosted here, external content like Google Ads or the HiStats counter on our home page, may take longer to load.

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