ATT / SBC Area Rates

ATT / SBC Service Area Rates

1 Month
AutoPay Only1
1 Year
Auto or Manual
  1. Our upstream has a minimum term of one year, consequently we unable to offer shorter initial term and no refund is available if you cancel prior to the end of the term. After the initial term, you can renew on a monthly auto-pay plan if you prefer.
  2. In AT&T territory, these prices both the telco loop and ISP charges.
  3. We can provide an ADSL2/2+ compatible DSL modem for $60.
  4. Your circuit will be provisioned for the highest speed in the range but the actual speed your modem trains at may be lower in the range depending upon the loop length, line noise and attenuation, modem quality. Eskimo North will do our best to assist you in getting the highest possible speed that conditions permit.

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