CenturyLink Area DSL Rates

In CenturyLink Territory we are not offering any new DSL service. CenturyLink cancelled our agency and did not provide use access to their newer IP based higher speed DSLAMS. Consequently we can not provide service to new customers in CenturyLink controlled regions.

CenturyLink Area DSL Rates

1 Month
AutoPay Only1
3 Months
AutoPay Only1
6 Months
AutoPay Only1
1 Year
Auto or Manual

Note 1: CenturyLink is the only DSL provider we do not have a minimum one-year commitment from. They do offer some lower rates on the circuit costs which they bill directly to you if you commit to one year with them.

Note 2: These prices are ISP prices for backhaul and host services only. CenturyLink bills you directly for the DSL circuit. The circuit costs, which CenturyLink bills directly to you, are different depending upon speed.

Note 3: When you order the DSL service, CenturyLink provides you the option of buying or leasing a modem from them, or you can obtain an ADSL2 compatible DSL modem yourself.

Note 4: The 256K/256K service is deprecated. It is no longer being offered by Century Link as a speed that can be ordered. Because we don’t know how long it will continue to be available to existing customers, we are offering this on a month-to-month basis only.

Note 5: The maximum speed available is a function of distance from the central office. Please use the DSL Prequalification Form located in the DSL pull down menu to provide the necessary information to determine which speeds are available in your area.

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