Covad DSL Rates

Covad DSL Rates
Covad Overlaps Incumbent Telco Service Areas

1 Month
AutoPay Only
1 Year
Auto or Manual
1.5M/384k $36 $390
3.0M/384k $41 $443
6.0M/768k $45 $486


  1. These prices include both the telco loop and ISP charges. You will receive one DSL Internet Access bill from us rather than separate bills from Covad and us.
  2. There is a one-time $60 installation fee for Covad DSL circuits.
  3. You must purchase a DSL modem from us for $50. This is not optional with Covad circuits.
  4. Covad circuits require an initial one-year service period. In addition, any circuit changes including speed or location changes, require a year service period from that time.
  5. The speeds available depend upon distance from the central office. Please use the DSL Prequalification Form in the DSL pull down menu to determine what speeds are available at your location.
  6. Covad is a competitive local exchange carrier and as a result their coverage area is independent of any local telephone companies coverage area. They overlap some of the coverage of traditional telephone companies and have service in some areas where there is no service available from the incumbent telephone company. In areas where service overlaps, in some cases they are less expensive and in other cases more expensive than the local exchange carrier.

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