Frontier Area DSL Rates

Frontier Area DSL Rates

1 Month
AutoPay Only
1 Year
Auto or Manual
768k/128k $36 $396
1M/384k $36 $396
1.5M/128k $39 $432
1.5M/384k $44 $492
3.0M/768k $44 $492
5.0M/768k $58 $660
7.1M/1M $68 $780

Note 1: These prices include both the telco loop and ISP charges. You will receive one DSL Internet Access bill from us rather than separate bills from Frontier and us.

Note 2: There is a one-time $60 installation fee for DSL service in Frontier territory.

Note 3: You have the option of purchasing an ADSL2 DSL modem from us for $60 or you may purchase your own.

Note 4: The speeds available depend upon distance from the central office. Please use the DSL Prequalification Form in the DSL pull down menu to determine what speeds are available at your location.

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