PostgreSQL Tutorial

Chapter 3. Getting Started

Table of Contents
Setting Up Your Environment
Starting the Interactive Monitor (psql)
Managing a Database

How to begin work with Postgres for a new user.

Some of the steps required to use Postgres can be performed by any Postgres user, and some must be done by the site database administrator. This site administrator is the person who installed the software, created the database directories and started the postmaster process. This person does not have to be the UNIX superuser (“root”) or the computer system administrator; a person can install and use Postgres without any special accounts or privileges.

If you are installing Postgres yourself, then refer to the Administrator's Guide for instructions on installation, and return to this guide when the installation is complete.

Throughout this manual, any examples that begin with the character “%” are commands that should be typed at the UNIX shell prompt. Examples that begin with the character “*” are commands in the Postgres query language, Postgres SQL.

Architecture Setting Up Your Environment