Dial Setup

Dial Setup

To make a 56k dial-up connection, three things are necessary:

  1. Dial-up Username
  2. Dial-up Password
  3. 56k Access Number

Your dial-up username may or may not be the same as your host login except that it will have a realm, usually ‘@eskimo.com’ after it, so if your host login was ‘javerage’, then your dial-up username would be ‘javerage@eskimo.com’.

Your dial-up password may or may not be the same as your host password. This would be included in your initial welcome to Eskimo North e-mail.

You can find your access number by going to GlobalPops Access Numbers.

Your IP address and name server addresses will normally be assigned automatically via DHCP. You should set your computer to get addresses automatically. For platforms which require manual setup, the necessary information is provided in the Dial Setup pull down menu item for that specific item.

If this is an ISDN connection, use the same access number for both channels. Please note that in most cases in order to bind two channels it is necessary for them to both land on the same communication servers in the dial-up pool. Although hunting is arranged to favor this, it is not guaranteed.

For help with setting you your specific platform, please see the Dial Setup pull down menu.


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