Sega Dreamcast Dial Setup

Sega Dreamcast 56K Dial Setup


The following are comprehensive instructions on getting the Sega Dreamcast console to connect to Eskimo North.

  1. Insert the “Web Browser” CD-ROM which came with your Dreamcast, and turn unit on (if not on already). You should see the following three sections appear on the screen:
    1. the “Dreamcast” logo on a white background with a red spiral,
    2. the “PlanetWeb” logo on a blue background, and
    3. “Sega Dreamcast Network” with “(ENTER)” and “(E-MAIL)” underneath it.
  2. When the third screen appears, push the triangular “Start” button at the bottom-middle of the game controller to bring up a menu with a house labeled “Home” in the middle.
  3. Use the knob in the upper-left corner of the game controller to move the cursor to “Options” at the lower-right corner of the menu. When it is positioned properly, a six-sided “Options” selection will highlight with a green outline.Push the “A” button (red button on the upper-right of the game controller). The screen that will appear contains options for “Internet Connection”, “Email Account”, and “Display Settings”.
  4. Using the control knob, move the cursor to “Internet Connection”, and open it with the “A” button.A screen will appear with options for “Basic Info”, “Dial Options”,
    and “Proxy Setting”. It starts on the “Basic Info” form.
  5. Using the knob, move the cursor to the first field labeled “Your Real Name” and select it with the “A” button. If you don’t have a keyboard attached to the Dreamcast, an on-screen image of a keyboard will appear. By positioning the cursor over each key in turn and hitting the “A” button, you can type in your name. This can be entered as anything you wish — it doesn’t need to be your actual name.After entering this field, select “CLOSE” on the lower-right hand corner of the keyboard and use the knob to go on to the next field.
  6. Using the techniques just explained in the previous step, enter your Eskimo North dialup account information in the fields labeled “User Login:”, and “Password:”, and the phone number you dial to connect to us in the “Dial-Up Number:” field. You can find a current list of access numbers in our locations.txt file.You can leave the “Backup Number” field empty if you wish.For the two fields labeled “DNS1” and “DNS2”, enter:
    • DNS1:
    • DNS2:
  7. Select “OK” with the “A” button to move on to the next screen, “Dial Options”.Enter your area code (such as 206 or 425) in the field labeled “Area code you are dialing from”. Enter a 1 in the “Long distance call prefix” field. If you want to disable the Call Waiting feature of your phone line during the call enter “*70” in the “Call waiting prefix” field (check with your telephone company for the correct code; some telcos charge extra for this “feature”).“Outside dial prefix” can be left blank. This is used for switchboards that require a code to reach an outside line, usually “9”, and is typically not used from home lines.Choose tone or pulse dialing as appropriate, most probably tone.Set “Dial area code” to “On” or “Off” as needed for your local calling area. You probably want “Off” unless dialing our lines requires using 10-digit dialing from your area.Set “Blind dial” to “Off”. This would ignore a lack of dialtone on the line (if it’s being used for a voice call) and other phone line errors when attempting to connect.
  8. Select”OK” to continue to the “Proxy Setting” screen. Set this to “No”. Your dialup will have a direct connection to the Internet.
  9. Select “OK” to return to the original “Options” screen.
  10. Under the “Email Account” window, the same method of entering information would be used to enter:
    1. Email Login: The login you requested on the account (not the dialup username we assigned)
    2. POP3 Server:
    3. SMTP Server:
  11. When you’re done, select “Save” to save your settings.
  12. You’re now ready to connect to the Internet with Eskimo North on your
    Sega Dreamcast console under the “Dreamcast Network” screen.
    • To connect, select the “(ENTER)” button. A “Modem Messages” window should appear to show what is happening during the connection progress. After a few seconds, this will disappear and be replaced by a pop-up that says “Welcome to the Dreamcast Network”.
    • To disconnect, an icon on the screen that appears as two facing arrows (“-> <-“) can be selected (and changed to “” arrows facing away from each other) to disconnect the line.

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