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Hi Rich!

 RB> I would be interested in hearing more about the High Power
 RB> Microwave (HPM) weapon system: how it works, power output,
 RB> narrow or wide beam application, range, deployment status, etc.

The HPM demonstrator we built consisted of basically two sections. A
so-called Marx generator, which produces a very brief, very high voltage,
high current pulse, and a magnetron/antenna assembly, which converts the
pulse current into an intense burst of microwave energy and then directs
it towards a target. 

The demonstrator was housed in a trailer which had its own 15 kW diesel
generator, and they used to tow it out to the desert to test it. The testing
was done at the Cibola Range of the Yuma Proving Ground near Yuma, Arizona.

A commercial 100 kV DC power supply was used to charge the 20-stage Marx,
where it charged its capacitors in parallel, and then via a series of
spark gaps discharged them in series. With the power supply set to 27 kV,
the Marx would output a 265 kV, 3500 ampere, 21.4-nanosecond pulse. The
spark gap array was pressurized with air, and the air pressure was
regulated so as to control the point at which the Marx would fire. This
allowed the system to operate over a range of output power levels. One
megawatt was a typical pulse-power output, and with typical 50% magnetron
efficiency, a half-megawatt RF pulse could be achieved. 

The negative-polarity output pulse from the Marx was coupled to a rather
large, cold-cathode magnetron tube equipped with a superconducting magnet.
The magnet was cooled to superconducting temperatures by liquid helium,
and the magnetron itself was evacuated by a small vacuum pump. A
specially-designed magnet power supply (1 volt, 70 amperes) was used to
energize the magnet assembly. A waveguide couples the resulting microwave
energy (4.4 GHz) to a 10-foot diameter dish antenna, which was mounted
several feet above the trailer. 

Precautions were necessary around the operating equipment to protect
personnel. Strong magnetic field, X-radiation from the magnetron, and RF
hazard from the antenna all had to be considered.

A zone of "denied occupancy" was set up in front of the antenna, which was
basically a 12-degree cone which extended some 800 meters out in front of
the antenna. The most intense part of the beam occupied a 6-degree angle,
and in the center of the beam at a range of 30.5 meters, 9.85 watts per sq
cm was developed. 

I never went out to the test range myself, but the guys who did told me
they used to set up electronic equipment downrange, and try to destroy it.
Apparently it worked great! They mentioned personal computers, and LCD
wristwatches, amoungst other things. If they tested it on any military
electronics, I was not told specifically what type of equipment. I did
hear, however, that an Army land mine was detonated at a distance of two

I was told by one person who had been with the company a long time, that
there was a videotape floating around someplace that showed a rat inside a
waveguide with a clear window on the side. The rat was then subject to
ever-increasing HPM pulses, which caused him to experience (apparently)
great pain, and then death. I do not know the power levels used in this
experiment, and I never heard anything about this particular demonstrator
being used on any humans or other biological specimens. 

The date of all this was 1987 to 1989. The company had some old photos of
other HPM and EMP simulation equipment, which to me looked like they could
have been taken in the 1960s. In approximately 1990, the company built a
two- man carried portable HPM generator. One guy carried the Marx
generator (sulphur hexaflouride gas insulated), high voltage supply (50
kV) and battery pack on his back, and the other carried the magnetron tube
and antenna. The two were connected together by a high voltage coaxial
cable. Apparently, this device was a complete failure. It only produced a
300-watt output, probably due to not having a strong enough magnet on the
magnetron. Since man-carrying a dewer full of liquid helium was out of the
question, they used barium- ferrite permanent magnets. I remember them
taking a photograph of it before turning it over to the government
sometime in 1990. 

As far as current deployment status, I really do not know. I do know that
the Army was very pleased with the HPM demonstrator (trailer-mounted
version), but shortly after all this, the HPM division of the company was
sold to General Atomics Corporation, the four guys and all the equipment
then being transferred there. Up to that point, it was obvious that the
HPM/EMP research had been going on for many years, and it was very well
funded. The huge screen rooms they had, and all the state-of-the-art
analysis and data logging equipment was testimony to that. That Marx
generator was truly a work of art! 

 RB> Also, I have been shown by a retired air Force Colonel a photo
 RB> of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapon. Am also interested in power
 RB> output, target types, range, and deployment status.
 RB> I believe one was used near Eglin Air Force Base/Hurlburt
 RB> Field USAF/CIA/Special Forces headquarters near Mary Esther, Florida
 RB> Panhandle. What do you know about Florida and New Mexico sites
 RB> specifically?

Earlier this year, I spoke to abductee Leah Haley on the phone. She was
very gracious in her information, and sent me a color Xerox of a supposed
EMP weapon located on the beach at Eglin in Florida. Maybe you've heard
her story of how the alien spacecraft she was in was shot down there on
the beach by such a weapon. How she and her alien (and human???) captors
were taken into custody by military personnel. She sneaked back there on
the beach at a later time, and photographed the device. I have a couple of
.GIF images of it on my BBS at (619) 635-8685. They are HALEY1.GIF and
HALEY2.GIF in the misc image files area. There's also a text file,
HALEY1.TXT in the misc textfiles area, which contains her story as related
on Art Bell's radio program. I would be curious as to whether or not it
looks like the photo you saw of such a device. 


I don't know too much about EMP weapons specifically. I did speak to an
engineer who works for a high voltage power supply company in New Jersey a
few months ago. We got into talking about some kind of high-power switch
device he built specifically for EMP generation. Apparently, EMP
generators (the electrical kind as opposed to the nuclear kind) also
discharge a high voltage pulse via a fast switch, like a spark gap. The
current pulse is delivered to an exotically-designed sort of a Tesla coil,
but the device resonates at several frequencies, from a few MHz to over
100 MHz. The output from this exotic transformer is delivered to a
spherical, ball-like electrode which is located in the center of a huge
(30' or more?) dish antenna. He told me that the DIA discovered several
years ago that EMP was the way to go as opposed to HPM, because of the
wide frequency output spectrum developed by an EMP device. This means that
it is much more difficult for an enemy to design their electronics to
withstand a hit by EMP. HPM, on the other hand is easier to guard against,
if you know the single-channel output frequency of the device. 

He told me that the largest EMP generator in the U.S. is located at
Kirtland AFB in New Mexico. The work he did for the DIA was apparently 5-6
years ago, and his PFN (Pulse Forming Network) generated a 400-nanosecond
pulse, quite a bit longer (and therefore possibly more devastating) than
the 20-nsec pulse of our HPM demonstrator. He mentioned Electromagnetic
Missiles were something they were developing, which used some technique
called Brittingham-wave generation. Something about a paper written by a
T.T. Woo of Harvard some 5-12 years ago. As far as EMP weapons at Eglin,
he did confirm that that is where a significant ammount of pre-deployment
testing of energy weapons is done. 

I asked him specifically about the possibility of shooting down UFOs with
such a weapon. Although he said he had no knowledge of such an
application, he did believe UFOs were real, as he saw one about 30 years
ago himself. He was familliar with the Beifield-Brown effect, and did
indicate to me that such a weapon could likely interfere severely with the
operation of such a device. 

On a slightly related issue, last spring I visited a sister company, who
had developed some kind of adaptive-mirror telescope imaging equipment for
the (get this) BMDO (Ballistic Missile Defense Organization), the keepers
of the mysterious Clementine spacecraft moon mapping mission. BMDO was
plastered all around this place. This telescope is basically a
reflector-type, but the reflector is made up of zillions of 1/4" hexagonal
segments which move rapidly under computer control. A laser beam measures
atmospheric turbulence in the viewing angle of the mirror, and adjusts its
many segments rapidly, so as to cancel the effects of the intervening
atmosphere. The end result is that images of space rivaling those
obtainable outside the atmosphere, are obtained from the ground. Now
here's the clincher: The people there told me that the equipment was being
tested at Eglin! And, a little model of it in a glass case in the lobby of
this company looks EXACTLY like the truck-mounted dish thing in Leah
Haley's photograph! 

They people at this company told me that the BMDO will use this telescope
to accurately track and target incomming nuclear missiles, so they can
shoot them down. But wait, I thought that Star Wars was cancelled! Maybe
they're tracking and targeting UFOs with this device, and then shooting
them down with EMP weapons. Perhaps Leah Haley's photo is only of the
telescope device site, and she did not see the actual EMP weapon, which
could easily be located at a different location. 

 RB> BTW, Hurricane Opal smashed right through Eglin/Hurlburt, and
 RB> even set off a tornado which took out Eglin's water tower plus
 RB> other damage.  Gaia karma?

Sounds good to me!

Rich, do you have a photo in your posession of the EMP device you mention?
I would really like to see it. I have a copy of the Operations and
Maintenance manual for the HPM demonstrator, and would be glad to mail you
a copy. Please give me your address again, and I'll send it off to you. 



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