NOTE: ANTIGRAV HOVERBOARDS DO NOT EXIST, so if you buy one it's a ripoff!

Hoverboards will exist someday, but looking for antigravity devices today is like asking for airline tickets in 1903. The "Wright Brothers" of antigravity may be out there somewhere, but their invention isn't working yet, and you'll have to wait for years (maybe decades) before genuine hoverboards are for sale to individuals.

Some companies say they have "hoverboards", but these are just hovercrafts (and they are HUGE, not the size of a skateboard.) Don't waste your money on expensive "hoverboard" plans that don't work, instead try this one:


Hovertec stuff

From Brent Davidson! HOVERTEC HOAX
Here are the fake Hovertec plans for free.

Read the above: ANTIGRAV HOVERBOARDS DO NOT EXIST. Don't buy expensive fake plans for them, it's a hoax ripoff. Maintained by Bill Beaty, amasci.com.