Where Are We?

An automapping retrofit for Might and Magic® 1-5, Wizardry® 1-5, and Bard's Tale® 1-3


If you were a PC gamer in the mid-80s, you will remember the grid-based first-person RPGs, of which one of the most notable was Might and Magic® 1. You may have, at some point in recent history, thought about how much fun you had playing the old game, noticed that it is for sale on GOG.com, and fired it up with nostalgic eyes. If you did, you probably decided against finding a pad of graph paper and pencil and instead found a set of the 55 maps in their 16x16 glory on the internet.

However, for a certain group of gamers, part of the real charm in playing a game of this vintage is not simply knowing what is around every corner. You may remember many an evening spent bashing your poor party's heads against walls to determine whether they were not as solid as they appeared, or making certain that you had actually visited all 256 of the squares in one of the old maps. Perhaps you even enjoyed wondering whether, after each step, you had encountered a spinning tile or teleporter that sent your merry group to an eerily-similar looking hallway twenty paces back. Never mind, nobody liked that last one. But if you can relate to the first few statements, this may be the program for you.


Where Are We, Version 1.1.1 (ZIP Archive)

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Might & Magic is a registered trademark of Ubisoft.

Wizardry is a registered trademark of IPM, Inc.

The Bard's Tale is a registered trademark of inXile Entertainment, Inc.

Where Are We is NOT connected with, produced, endorsed or supported by these trademark holders in any way. Where Are We is a fan-made freeware utility that is intended to help players get the most out of their purchase of these older games.