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The Garden as Seen from a Helicopter in the Summer of 2004

A more detailed version for those with high speed connection or patience

From an airplane in 1971 The Garden from Space in 2003

North is at the bottom of the picture, opposite the orientation of the airplane photo below, taken 33 years earlier. The previous winter, I removed twelve large fir trees along the upper left (southeast) border, and the windstorm took out a dozen large pines.

Some of the trees are 85 feet tall. The rhododendrons are much larger than below, so the gravel paths in the older section are nearly invisible.

Developing areas behind the rear garage include the herb and vegetable gardens, native garden, azalea/orchard, and bamboo forest.

We are looking from south to north from an airplane in 1971. The rhododendrons and trees are much smaller, so the paths are clearly visible. The developing areas in the picture above are empty field and rectangular rhododendron production beds.

Today a park lies to the south (bottom), while housing developments sit to the south, east, and north of the garden.

We would like a new picture from this angle, especially in the middle of May. Does anyone have an airplane?