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Seasonal Water

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Plants have a blooming time, and surface water is also often seasonal. It can be a valuable landscape resource, whether it appears for a good part of the year or only for a few days. All of our created ponds and simulated water sources have actual water in them at times. The ponds below are full for more than half the year. Minor flooding, which we also landscape for, is a very short-term feature.

This pond is a modified natural formation, created when a windstorm uprooted a large Port Orford cedar and left this hole. I lined the edges with the top of the trunk to prevent caveins along the paths.

We left the roots because they are an interesting landscape feature, reminding viewers of powerful weather conditions at other times. On clear days, the reflecting pool creates an image of the roots in the sky, creating a contradictory picture of stillness and fury. Everything is locked in place here under a rippled surface of black ice.

My father planted the cedar in 1964. The pond was created in the middle on the night on December 4, 2003. A seedling from the original tree will replace it in another forty years.