Paths and Trails in the Garden
A linear lawn with curves, oriented to the vista and Mt Rainier, is the dominant walking space in the garden.  It is surrounded by a network of gravel paths, supplemented by a series of interior trails with a variety of surfaces.
The gravel paths were part of the original garden design, drawn up by Bob Anderson before he planted the first rhododendron in the four acre hayfield.
Moss, leaves, needles, and dirt cover the interior trails.
To view the plants from a different perspective--close to the ground, I built several trails specifically for riding on a recumbent trike.  In many spots, they have only a three-foot ceiling, so they are like tunnels among the rhododendrons.
The 65 benches were a significant feature of the trails.  I made them from rhododendron wood, fallen trees, and barn wood.  All things are temporary, and the benches' 25 year lifespan recently came to an end.