Design Element 2--Color

In addition to receiving a degree in landscape architecture from Penn State, Bob studied painting for ten years at the Art Students' League in New York City. In the garden, as in his paintings, he carefully planned how colors would go together, often in unusual combinations. The greens of lawn and trees and the changing color of the sky were always part of the palette.

Bob's paintings of a brightly lit New York City night in the rain show the same color style Bob used with rhododendrons. The character of the paintings, done mainly in greens, blues, and yellows, is completely altered with the right proportion and placement of orange. The sometimes slighly jarring juxtaposition permits an incredible complexity of color.

In the view above, the yellow Hotei is the center of focus, while the orange Corringe and magenta King James tease our peripheral vision. In the view below, Orangeade brings the other plants to life when they would otherwise be muted in the heavy fog.