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Vitamin "E" Beauty Treatments

Pamper your skin with moisturizers "Just Like Nature Intended"


Everything you need for total skin care with the benefits of high potency Vitamin "E" the natural antioxidant. Ward off the ravages of time, smog, and other environmental attacks on your skin:

Cleanse your face with Vitamin "E" Antiseptic Cleanser (1036) for deep cleansing.

For gentler cleansing use Vitamin "E" Moisturizing Cleanser (1037). Follow with the Vitamin "E" Toning Freshener (1038) to tighten & freshen the skin leaving a protective layer of Vitamin "E".

Day or night use with Vitamin "E" Cream (1039/1042) for deep moisturizing action and the Vitamin "E" advantage.

Day or Night use the 14,000 I.U. Vitamin "E" Oil (1041) for problem areas such as the fine lines around the mouth, eyes and neck.

In the evening use Maximum Strength 28,000 I.U. Vitamin "E" Oil (1040). This PURE 100% Vitamin "E" Oil will work while you sleep keeping your skin soft, youthful, radiant and supple. Apply to fine lines around the face, neck, eyes, mouth and anywhere you need maximum moisturizing and protection.

The perfect base for makeup 14,000 I.U. Vitamin "E" Fluid Moisturizer (1043) smoothes, penetrates, and protects. Just a few drops go a long way.

Refresh you whole body by using our Vitamin "E" Glycerine Complexion Bar (1045/1046) instead of soap when you bathe or shower.

Follow up with the clinically tested Vitamin "E" All Over Hand & Body Lotion (1044/1047/1048) available in 3 convenient sizes for home or travel. This non-greasy, quickly absorbed, highly effective super moisturizer will soothe and protect your entire body improving conditions of Dry, Rough, and Scaly skin while offering superior protection from the elements.

Trusted for over 100 years Colonial Dames Co. Ltd.

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