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Kite Gallery 2: WSIKF '98 pics shot by Ric Merry
thanks much Ric ! There are some fighter flyers that I am unable to identify.
Please help me out. I'd like to get the names associated with faces and in the right places.

Bruce Lambert Bruce Lambert attempts to keep his line in order. Seems to be a Sisiphean task.

Dennis Crowley & Jordan Mandanas Dennis Crowley and Jordan Mandanas in front of some of the local color.

Howard Gordon & ? Howard Gordon and John Overmier squaring off.

Johnny Hsiung & Gopal Das Johnny Hsiung & Gopal Das concentrating on keeping the kite mystically levitated.

Jeff McInnis, Kevin McInnis and Richard Hurd Jeff McInnis and Kevin McInnis duke it out (figuratively) with Richard Hurd presiding.

Jeff McInnis Jeff is determined to give his brother Kevin
(that's him hanging out behind) a thrashing.

Karen Gustavson & Bruce Lambert Karen Gustavson (line judge) suggesting the payola gambit to Bruce Lambert (no wonder he did so well).

Michele Hsiung & Brian Johnsen Michele Hsiung riding dressage
(NFKA stables, hackney, Brian Johnsen)

Richard Hurd, Tony Mitchum & Karen Gustavson Richard Hurd and Tony Mitchum battleing with Karen Gustavson presiding

Tony Mitchum Tony Mitchum. A new NFKA member who takes the fighter kite enthusiasm award for this years WSIKF

Umm, I dunno & Gopal Das An identified but unnamed fighter fanatic from Penticton and Gopal Das observing the carnage in the fighter arena.
Please help me put a name to the face.