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2000 WSIKF
Washington State International Kite Festival

From: d.
Subject: official nfka wsikf report ( short version )
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 20:14:31 -0700

Dennis Crowley at WSIKF 2000    more than you may want to know, but here goes anyway.   whata week!   Brian will post an edited version of this report on NFKAs website along with many pretty pictures so please send all great photos to him as soon as possible.

   as an executive summary, just know that I have never flown so hard nor shared so many grins than this last week at Longbeach.

   4-8 hours of flying every day gets addicting.   My forefinger calluses are proof of one absolutely amazing weeka shortline fighter flyers dream.   If you missed it, Im sorry.   If you love flying fighters, start saving now for the First Annual World Cup of Shortline Fighting Kites at WSIKF next year.

   Meanwhile here is what I remember from the week that was I'm sure to be publicly corrected where in error and I will be grateful for anyones addition.

Sunday Aug. 20

Monday Aug. 21

Tuesday Aug. 22

Wednesday Aug. 23

Thursday Aug. 24

Friday Aug. 25

Saturday Aug. 26

Sunday Aug. 27