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Fighter Kites article for WSIKF program

Fighter Kites, single line sport kites, single line maneuverable kites or single line controllable kites, whatever you choose to call them, these small, agile, precise flying machines are a must see! Make a point to visit the Fighter Kite flying area often throughout the festival! Never heard of Fighter Kites? Never seen them before? Come by the Fighter Kite flying area and check 'em out!

Fighter Kites are probably the world's oldest type of maneuverable kite. Through out the world, Fighter Kites are singularly, by far, the most popular style of kite. In fact, more Fighter Kites are sold in the world in a given year than all other types of kites combined!!

In North America, Fighter Kite popularity is rapidly growing! The primary reason Fighter Kite flying is increasing in popularity it's a ton of fun to fly them! When you fly one, it's certain to put a grin on your face! In addition, they are relatively inexpensive, a fighter kite uses only 1 flying line and because they are relatively small it is easy to carry them with you and fly them almost anywhere. Although you can learn to fly one in a short time, it can be a lifetime challenge to truly master a Fighter Kite's subtleties.

Like dual and quad line sport kites, Fighter Kites can perform complicated and intriguing precision maneuvers and ballet routines. But Fighter Kites are capable of doing something other kites can not; they are so maneuverable that two flyers can actually do aerial combat or dog fighting with Fighter Kites, and hence their name.

In North America, the object of the Fighter Kite combat or dogfight is NOT to destroy the opponent's kite. The object is to touch the opponents kite flying line with your own flying line. Before a battle, the judge determines whether a point is earned from touching the opponent's line from underneath it or on top of it. At first thought, that doesn't sound like much of a challenge, but if you check it out, you will witness some of the best Fighter Kite combat battles in the country and will realize why it is sometimes described as aerial karate.

During the Seniors Fighter Events you will see the action and challenge of precision Fighter Kite flying! The flyers will be flying their Fighter Kites into obstacle courses, or trying to accomplish a specific precision flying feat. It is almost as entertaining to watch as it is to participate! Want to give it a try? Come on down, to the Fighter Kite flying area on the Wednesday!

Unlike many other kites at the festival, in order to appreciate and enjoy watching Fighter Kites, you must be up close. Really close. And, the VERY best way to enjoy them is to fly them. Spend some time at the Fighter Kite flying area and ask any of the flyers there to show you how to fly one. Yeah, go ahead, do it! Whoever you ask will be happy to share the fun with you and put the flying line in your hand and let you give it a go! It will put a grin on your face for sure! Who knows, you may get hooked, like the rest of us Fighter Kite fans.

At the Washington State International Kite Festival exciting Fighter Kite action is scheduled every day! Join in the fun and register for any and all of the Fighter Kite events! You can register for the Saturday competition at the main registration tent, for the other events, register at the Fighter Kite flying area. All events are free to enter.

MONDAY and TUESDAY - At the Fighter Kite flying area check out the impromptu precision and combat flying, and try it yourself!

WEDNESDAY - At the Fighter Kite flying area the "Seniors Fighter Kite Precision" competition plus "Seniors Combat" competition will held during most of the day. In the precision category there are many separate events to compete in, compete in as many or few as you wish. The 1st event will be under way at 10 am. Register at the Fighter Kite flying area any time before the end of the competition.

THURSDAY - The Northwest Fighter Kite Association is sponsoring their 1st Annual "Footlong Hotdog" competition. To compete, your Fighter Kite must have a central spine no longer than 12". These small kites are truly "hotdogs", they are very quick, fast and a blast to fly and to watch. Don't miss it! Registration will be at the Fighter Kite flying area from Monday up to the time of the competition, which is scheduled for 11 am.

FRIDAY - Be sure to sign up for the double elimination Fighter Kite combat competition at the main registration tent. This is the official Fighter Kite Competition of the festival and will take place almost all day Saturday.

Plus, the 1st Annual Conrad Cup Buka Fighter Kite Challenge will take place. A Buka Fighter Kite is a very unusual style of Fighter to see in combat, the kite is rectangular! Registration for the Buka Challenge will be at the Fighter Kite flying area beginning Monday up to the time of the competition, which is scheduled for 11 am.

SATURDAY - Be sure to sign up for the double elimination Fighter Kite combat competition at the main registration tent. Registration will begin on Friday and continue Saturday morning until the beginning of the 1st match, which is scheduled for 9:30 am. This is the "Big One" Nearly 40 of the best Fighter Kite pilots from around the world will be put to the test !! This is likely to be an all day Fighter Kite Frenzy!

SUNDAY - Fighter Kites will be flying in the Fighter Kite flying area and are included as part of the kite count toward breaking the record of the most kites flying at one time.

At the end of 1997 the Northwest Fighter Kite Association (NFKA) was formed. Members share information and learn from each other about Fighter Kites; how to build them, fly them, repair them etc., but mostly, members want to fly Fighter Kites more often! Flying Fighter Kites is a virtual guarantee to grinning a lot and having tons of fun!

NFKA meets the 3rd Saturday of each month at a flying site somewhere in the Northwest. The flying/meeting schedule and other information is available on NFKA's website at check us out!

Want to join NFKA? Call Bruce Lambert at 360 289-2717 or email him at There is a $15 membership fee. There are no annual dues.