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The GNU/Linux/Free OS Beginners Group
What we are all about

in New York City

To get added to our mailing list send mail to address shown here
[ l as in lion o as in opera PLUS-SIGN gnubies-mail AT eskimo DOT com ]
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Don't worry if you missed the wondeful talk by Richard Stallman in January
There is now audio here in ogg vorbis and here in flac
and video here in ogg theora free formats.

Gnubies is currently in hiatus.

We are still looking for meeting space.
We plan to return with additional focus on GNU/Linux netbooks.

Also helping people get the most out of their:
Eee PCs
and other netbooks

If you know of any available space please contact us!

Some of our previous GNUbies meetings:

Wednesday June 12, 2006: Antonio Perpinan (Special Guest Speaker from Fundación Código Libre Dominicano): Moving toward Software Freedom:Finding good ways to do what you want with Free Software
Wednesday January 4, 2006: Richard Stallman (rms):What's GNU? Software that Respects Your Freedom.
Monday January 17, 2005: Joshua Birnbaum: Intro to Networking Tools for Gnubies.
Wednesday December 8, 2004: Brett Wynkoop: Installing Software for Gnubies
Wednesday November 10, 2004:Dafydd Harries:Languages in Free Software
Wednesday October 13, 2004:Benjamin "Mako" Hill:Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu:Philosophy and Technology
Wednesday, September 8, 2004 Gnubies Meeting: Sam Hiser: Free Software for the Enterprise:Sun's Java Desktop System in Context and OpenOff
Wednesday, July 14, 2004:Ari Jort:Intro to Securing Your Email:Encryption and Authentication with GPG
Wednesday, June 9, 2004, Brett Wynkoop: Intro to Printing for Gnubies
Wednesday May 12, 2004: Brett Wynkoop: Your Computer at Your Command:A Gnubies Intro to Shells and Command Prompts
Sunday, May 2, 2004: Installfest at Three Jewels
Wednesday April 14, 2004:David Sugar: An Introduction to Telephony for Gnubies
Wednesday, March 10, 2004: Hans Zaunere: Introduction to AMP for GNUbies: (The Apache Web Server, MySQL Database and PHP Web Scripting Language)
Wednesday, February 11, 2004:Tom Dyas:Intro to Legal Issues for Gnubies.
Sunday, January 25, 2004: Installfest: 16 Beaver St.
Wednesday, January 14, 2004: Marco Scoffier: The GIMP: The GNU Image Maniputaltion Program
Sunday, December 21st: Installfest: 16 Beaver St.
Wednesday, December 10, 2003: Editing with Emacs: Bruce Ingalls AND Jay Sulzberger
Wednesday, November 12 2003: Ari Jort: Installing Software on Your GNU/Linux Machine: Techniques of Package Management
Sunday, October 19th: Installfest: 16 Beaver St.
Wednesday October 8 2003: Forest Mars: You are 0wned? Retaining control of the next computer you buy and using Free Software freely.
Sunday, September 21st: Installfest: 16 Beaver St.
September 10, 2003: Wendell Anderson: GNU/Linux Distributions, An Update 2003
Wednesday August 13, 2003: An Introduction to TCP/IP: Joshua Birnbaum
Wednesday, July 9. 2003:Sam Tutorial Demonstration of 1.0: Preview of 1.1 and OOo Project Update
Wednesday, June 11, 2003: Tom Dyas: Basic Firewalls
Sunday May 18, 2003 (11:00 am to 4:00 pm): Installfest at 16 West 32nd Street
Wednesday, May 14, 2003: Ari Jort:Introduction to Shell Commands
April 27, 2003: Installfest
April 9, 2003: Daniel Kushner: Introduction to PHP
Sunday March 23, 2003: Installfest
March 12, 2003: Brett Wynkoop: Email Introduction: Send Mail Simply
Sunday March 2, 2003:First Regular Installfest of 2003
February 12, 2003: Steven Kreuzer: Knoppix:A Debian GNU/Linux distribution that runs from a CD and doesn't have to be installed on your hard drive.
January 8, 2003: Sam Hiser:
December 11, 2002: Ari Jort: Introduction to Editors: vi
November 13, 2002: Alex Hajnal: Introduction to GNU/Linux Permissions
October 9, 2002: Alex Khalil: An Overview of GNU/Linux for Gnubies
September 4, 2002: Randy Wright: Networking & Security for GNUbies
August 14, 2002:Alex Khalil:Ad Hoc Topics for GNUbies
July 10, 2002:Bradley M. Kuhn Executive Director of the Free Software Foudation: Software Freedom and the GNU Generation. Part 1, Part 2
June 12, 2002: Wendell Anderson: "GNU/Linux Distributions - Which One for You?"
May 8, 2002: Tom Dyas: Easy Programming for GNUbies
April 10, 2002: Ari Jort: I've Decided to Install GNU/Linux - Now What?
March 13, 2002: Alex Khalil: Questions and Answers about GNU/Linux
February 13, 2002: Tom Dyas: Overview of GNU/Linux with Q&A
January 9, 2002: Tom Dyas "Getting and Installing Free Software from Source Made Easy"
December 12, 2001: David Hand: "Putting Together a Linux Box (or buying one)"
November 14, 2001: Ari Jort: "Free Software Email and Privacy -- GPG"
October 10, 2001: Ari Jort: "Free Software Email and Privacy -- Introduction"
------ no meeting September 12th, 2001 due to September 11th disaster ------
August 8, 2001: 7:00 David Sugar: GNU/Linux Telephony and DotGNU for You
July 11, 2001: Vagn Scott: A Whirlwind Tour of Unix Fundamentals with examples and discussion
June 13, 2001: Chris Molnar: The GNU/Linux Desktop
May 9, 2001: Jay Sulzberger: The Logical and Social Structure of Easy Programs: How Free Software Makes Programming Easy
April 11, 2001: Paul Lea: GNU/Linux Home Networking and Samba...
March 14, 2001: Jay Sulzberger: GNU Standard Tarballs, the Debian package system, call with current continuation, and TCO/ROI of small office lans
February 14, 2001: Ari Jort: Fun and Learning with the Bash Shell
January 10, 2000: Alex Khalil: Program Installation
December 13, 2000: Wendell Anderson: Linux Distributions: Which One for You?
November 8, 2000: Jim Gleason: Linux Hardware
October 11, 2000: Michael Smith: Learning GNU/Linux
September 13, 2000:Alex Khalil: Linux Troubleshooting and General Q&A
August 9, 2000 Bruce Ingalls:Introduction to the OS Shell
July 12, 2000 David Solomonoff: Battling Web Bugs & Tainted Cookies:Part 3: Securing Linux or BSD novice users' home/personal computers...
June 14, 2000: David Solomonoff: Part 2: Securing Linux or BSD novice users' home/personal computers against both hackers and intrusive commercial/marketing entities. Finding your vulnerabilities - Saint
May 19, 2000: David Solomonoff: Part 1: Securing Linux or BSD novice users' home/personal computers against both hackers and intrusive commercial/marketing entiti
May 10, 2000: Alex Khalil: Full Q&A Session
April 28, 2000: Wendell Anderson: Linux Distributions
April 12, 2000: Dr. Ruben I. Safir: Three ways Linux can improve your life, change society and empower the user: Practi cal tools for Linux.
March 31, 2000: Randy & Lucia Wright: Basic Navigation in Linux
Saturday, March 4th, 2000: Installfest from 11am-5pm
February 25, 2000: Preparing to install Linux (Mandrake demo)
January 27th, 2000: RedHat 6.1 Installation Demo
First meeting: Friday December 17, 1999: (Q&A, Corel Linux Installation, Navigation)

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