Sam Hiser

co-Lead, Marketing Project

Sam Hiser is an open source advocate and systems consultant to media, financial services, government and education. He is a senior contributor and member of the Release Committee of

Mr. Hiser was teaching middle-school English in the Bronx with NYC Teaching Fellows when he was called to advise Sun Microsystems, Inc. on open source community management and software marketing. Prior to that, Hiser was a principal and CIO of Reel America Inc., an aggregator of cultural programming for cable TV and the Internet.

Mr. Hiser speaks frequently to businesspeople, user groups, students, parents and educators about free software, 1.1, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and thin-client deployments. His commentary on open source software development has appeared in, Linux Journal, c|net,, and He holds an MBA from Duke University.

Hiser, optimistic:

Free software promises uncanny

productivity for mature as well as

developing countries. 1.1 is eventually

going to be available in any


It's a Cinderalla story.”