GNU/Linux Beginners Group Hardware Compatibility Links

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Hardware Compatibility Links: (requested at the last meeting)
CB's Beginners Linux Guide - Hardware
Linux Hardware Compatibiltiy HOWTO
Linux Hardware Database
Linux-Friendly Hardware Hardware Section & Database Search Hardware Database
Hardware Compatibility List for Linux
Biz Soup on Hardware Compatibility
Hardware Compatibility HOWTO 
By Distribution
 Corel Linux Hardware Compatibiltiy List (pdf)
Redhat Hardware Compatibility Lists
Suse Hardware Database Search
Caldera Compatible Hardware
MkLinux Hardware Compatibility
Newsgroup Information
comp.os.linux.hardware - link to newsgroup
comp.os.linux.hardware Discussion List
By Hardware Type
Linux Modem Compatibility
Alpha Linux Hardware List
Linux Laptop--HOWTO 
Unsupported Devices
DVD players -- see the following to find out why!
 Linux Today: Eric S. Raymond -- DVDCA and the Big Lie - DVD for every OS 
 EFFweb - The Electronic Frontier Foundation 

Some Drivers:
3Com Linux drivers
Creative Labs
3dfx Linux drivers
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