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There is now a group called Friends of the Island Trader 37 on Facebook. If you are already registered on Facebook, just enter "island trader" in the search box. The group is currently a closed group; therefore you must request to join the group and I must approve the request. If you are not yet on Facebook, you must join to see the group.

Once in the group, you can post messages and pictures and see the posts of other members.

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I intend for this page to be a place where Island Trader owners
(and admirers) can keep information of common interest.
I will update with new pictures and text as they become
available, but I cannot promise any regular schedule since
I still have to work to pay for things such as boats and this site.

This is an unofficial site and the information is posted here solely for the entertainment of the author and anyone looking at these pages. The author believes that the information posted here is accurate and useful, but cannot make any claims or guarantees about accuracy or usefulllness. Please use your judgement when reading these pages.

I love my Island Trader in spite of her many problems and flaws; I look forward to sharing comments and information with others who like Island Traders - if you have mostly negative things to say, make your own web page.

I sometimes get messages from the bigger Island Traders like the 42. These are nice boats, and deserve their own site. These messages should be posted to the Facebook group.

Facts and Figures


Several tables of interesting figures:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Wildwood Flower Saga

and some pictures...


Some people have said the design is by William Garden. I have been unable to verify this after searching a number of books by and about Garden designs.

Some Island Traders were marketed under the name of "Magellan 36". The owner of "Apogee" has contributed the sales brochure which suggests that the design is a "modified" Angelman. The reference seems to be to the Sea Witch design by Hugh Angelman.

Does anyone know the actual designer of this boat?

A (somewhat jaundiced) review is available from Practical Sailor
magazine. Practical Sailor will fax you a copy of their article
for about $13. Call (203) 661-6111 or check their web site.

Island Trader Directory

Where we try to track down all the Island Traders in the world.

Island Trader Message Board

Where we trade news, horror stories, construction tips and sailing savvy.

Have you seen these Island Traders?

Seen on Long Island Sound
May 29 or 30, 1982,
Somewhere SE of New Haven:

Found in 2008!!!

Seen on a post card at West Marine:

Last update to this page was in August 2011.

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