Born and raised in New England, I've lived on the West Coast since 1960. I attended the University of Massachusetts (in the days when you didn't have to say which campus 'cause there was only ONE), graduating in "nineteen-mumble-mumble" with a degree in Zoology and a minor in Secondary Education. My sister, Helen REID STEWART, is a nurse at Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, MA. You might enjoy looking at a PHOTO ALBUM page containing pictures of my Favorite (and only!) Sibling...

I have three wonderful children, a fine son-in-law, an incredible daughter-in-law, and two rather spectacular Grand-girls. My older daughter, Anne-Marie, lives in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. Vincent, father of the Grand-girls mentioned above, and Deann, World's Greatest Daughter-in-Law, live in Vancouver WA; Vince is a printer in Portland. Stephanie, my younger daughter (note: I did NOT refer to her as "my Baby". Aren't you PROUD of me???) and her husband, Jeff, live in Santa Cruz, CA; Jeff is also a printer, and Stephanie works for a nutritional supplement wholesaler.

Eight or ten years ago, my (then) daughter-in-law-to-be asked me to "jot down Vinnie's Family Tree". That was the innocent start of what has turned out to be a Consuming Passion - GENEALOGY. I am (by default) the Designated Historian of our family. I get to keep "the STUFF"!!!

Since 1979, I've worked for a large retailer - now, I won't tell you the name, BUT if the phrase " OPEN! OPEN!" sounds familiar, then you can probably guess... Wednesday is my "Volunteer Day" - in the morning, I help out in a 5th grade classroom at Lynnwood Intermediate School - I'm the oldest kid in the class!. In the afternoon, I'm a non-member volunteer at the Family History Center in Mountlake Terrace.

My Domestic Associate ("The Daniel") and I designed and built our house - we both like the "Arts and Craftts Style" of architecture; we tried to incorporate the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, the Greene Brothers and Gustav Stickley in our plans. Ever so slowly, the house is nearing "completion"; last summer we designed, built and installed a most elegant front door and sidelights constructed in the Craftsman Style - next item on the "Honey-Do List" is REAL FLOORS!

Hobbies? Well, I can tell you what I DON'T do in my "spare time" - I don't do housework or yardwork: I don't sew, or cook anything that requires more than one pot; I don't watch TV (other than the occasional Seattle Mariners game) or go to movies. If it doesn't involve Genealogy (either directly or indirectly) or computers, I probably don't (or WON'T) do it. My latest "big project" involves scanning and archiving the "Shoe-box 'o' Pictures" saved from my Gramma's house. Of course, I'll be adding to the PHOTO ALBUM collection MANY pictures of my kids and grandkids!

My friend, Marthe Arends, editor and publisher of PIONEERS/ONLINE RESEARCHER asked me to write some articles for the PIONEERS newsletter; she has graciously put two of my "literary gems" on her PIONEERS home page. One article is a review of Ancestral Quest , a Ninny-proof, Windows-based Genealogy program. The other is a Roots Surname List Search "Success Story".

Miss Marthe wrote a most helpful article on WebPage creation, called " If You Build It, Will They Come??? ". She's included this article on her PIONEERS Page. (Thankee, Miss Marthe!!!)


Marge Reid--mvreid@eskimo.com

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