"Oh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish!"

What's new, recently posted:

  • The first of my chess and strategy pages,
    currently featuring Shahmot!.

  • The first of my Brother Cadfael site

  • The first of my Darklands site

  • Republishing in HTML of "The Historical Dracula" by Ray Porter;
    • a 13 page document that I once discovered and printed but it's original URL has since disappeared. ... and now, the paper, URL, and author have been relocated!!! :-)

  • Republication, in HTML form, of "A Flyer's Ballad".
    • I first heard this poem recited on a documentary about air combat,
    • then again later in the movie "Memphis Bell about an aircrew of a B-17 of the same name.

    "Finished" :-) , but not yet posted:

  • The first of my site featuring "Warlords", by SSG

  • Chess and Strategy Varients page:
    incl. Laser Chess / Advanced Laser Chess / Fields of Domination (by Mike Duppong)
    and spin-offs, such as LaserChess 98 by Chris Fuchs and Blue Carpet Software.

  • The first posting of this web-site's version history

    Quick list of things to come:


  • A section on our roles and responsibilities as free citizens as it pertains to:
    • The environment
    • Wildlife conservation
    • Hunting and fishing
    • Land use
    • Our rights and freedoms VS. moral duty
    • Gun ownership and related topics for the enthusiast ( incl. a couple of programs for download)
    • Ethics
    • The Pacific Crest Trail
    • Links to related foundations and agencies
    • Population, Economics, Resources, and the next Century

  • A section devoted to programs and games that I don't feel are getting their just recognition or support elsewhere:
    • Laser Chess / Advanced Laser Chess / Fields of Domination (by Mike Duppong)
    • Darklands (and the Darklands FAQ page by Alex von Luenen et.al.)
    • The "Warlords" series by SSG including "Warlords" (original and enhanced versions), "Warlords II" and "Warlords II Scenario Builder", "Warlords II Deluxe", "Warlords III: Reign of Heroes" and the upcoming Warlords III Deluxe and Warlords IV
      (NOTE: these games have alot of player support on other sites, but I want to have one of my own, as well).
    • Brian Vodniak's titles: "Vikings: Fields of Conquest"/"Kingdoms of England, FOC II"; "Kingdoms of Germany"; (and "Kingdoms of France")
    • Jetfighter series: "Jetfighter: the Adventure", "Jetfighter II: Advanced Tactical Fighter" w/ "Operation Lightning II" (Mission disk 1) from Velocity Development and R.D.Technologies(aka Mission Studios); Jetfighter III, by Mission Studios.
    • Power Monger
    • Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer/Simulator I and II (what should be done as a follow-up)
    • The Falcon series: from the Amiga, through Falcon 3.0x and Falcon 4.0
    • FASA based Battletech, Mech Warrior, Mech Warrior 2(et.al.), Mech Warrior 3, and Mech Commander
    • Echelon (would be great candidate for an upgrade to modern platform)
    • Yet more DOOM related stuff (mostly links, reviews, ideas, and opinions)
    • Kingmaker (board and computer versions)
    • Shamot, by Britton Enterprises (and other chess variants)
    • My own programming projects (warts and all)

  • Aviation and Aerospace section

  • Historical topics:
    • Arthurian subjects and resources
    • The Crusades
    • Medival Europe, Middle East, Russia, China, and Japan
    • Favorite figures (incl.):
    • Vlad the Impaler;
    • Ghengis Kahn;
    • Merlin and Arthur;
    • Robin of Lochley;
    • William Marshall;
    • Bertrand duGechlin(sp?);
    • Robert III the Bruce;
    • the Knights Templar (the Poor Fellow Knights for Christ of Jerusalem and the Temple of Solomon);
    • Alexander Nevski;
    • Sir Winston Churchill(modern);
    • Aldo Leapold(modern);
    • and others...
    • Castles of Europe and the Holyland
  • My sword (it's history and construction)
    • Related links
    • SCA

  • Finland
    • Get info on the Seattle FinnFest'99 on the "Virtual Finland" web-site.
    • National History
    • Cultural History
    • The Finnish Language
    • Finland Today

  • Alaska
    • My fishing adventures
    • TENRO (HQ: Vladivostock, Russia)

  • Washington State University
    • "WAZZU"/Pullman/the Cougs: my alma matta.
  • Making Beer and Wine
    • How to salvage a wine experiment through distilling

  • Computer Topics, FAQs, and Links:
    • Programming topics
    • My systems, and reviews of equipment and programs I have used.
    • Resources and Links

  • Star Wars / Star Trek / Indiana Jones / Highlander

  • Seattle Seahawks / Supersonics / Mariners

  • Geographic Photo Resources

  • Humor
    • Dilbert
    • Monty Python
    • Pat McManus
    • Red Green
    • Bill Cosby (my favorite albums)
    • Peanuts
    • The Farside
    • Bloom County / Outland
    • Beavis & Butthead
    • Woody Allen
    • End of the Road / Lake Wobegon
    • The Superior Persons Book of Words

  • Miscellanious:
    • Von Glitschka artwork
    • Brother Caedfel novels by Ellis Peters
    • James Burke
    • Favorite PBS / Dicovery / A&E
    • Frank Frezetta artwork
    • my 1970 Dodge Charger RT Special Edition (pictures, history, specs)

  • And finally - all about me (Matthew L. Wirkkala)
    • Brief History
    • Family, and geneology
    • Rants & Raves
    • Sanctum Sancorum
    • Kenny and Chris Chisholm
    • Doug Carey
    • David Conzatti
    • Heidi Langlois
    • Gwyn Glitschka and family
    • My friends web pages
    • My favorite quotes (and signature file)

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