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Dont bother wasting points on Virtue when designing your
team. Not even on clerics. Gaining virtue is one of the
easiest things to do, but not obvious at first. Whenever
you pass a Lord's tower, have a chat with the locals.
If they are hard oppressed and brow-beaten, then the Lord
of the manor is a nasty piece of work. Assault the castle
that night, clear it out, and you gain 5 virtue per person
at the end. You also of course now have lots of gear to
sell. (They are also *much* easier to handle than Robber

When you create your party, Make the leader first, and DON'T
worry about what equipment they have. Add that person to the
party (they should appear on the left hand side). Now add
the default characters to your party-or at least the 3 of
them. go into the first default character (should be Gretch
Wilburg) go into her equipment and move it all to your
leader character. Do this with all of the other characters.
then exit back to the party menu. Remove the default
characters from the party and then add them back to the
party. They will have regained their equipment ie plate
mail armor and weapons and potions. Keep adding, taking
equipment, and deleting from these characters from the party
until you have as much stuff as you want. Then go ahead and
create the rest of your party members. ENJOY !