IAM150 Capstone Project Home

Each item in the menu demonstrates some aspect of what I've learned in Interactive Multimedia class. This site uses PHP and MySQL to create a login system. The menu, header, and footer, are coded in PHP so that I only have to update it in one place and it changes for all of the pages. This entire site serves to demonstrate basic HTML and CSS knowledge.

  • The IAM111 link demonstrates knowledge of user interaction as well as manipulating the document object model in JavaScript.
  • The IAM120 link is a logo I designed.
  • IAM121 is a video commercial I created for the same company.
  • IAM130 is a simple flash animation.
  • IAM131 is a Flash puzzle demonstrating programmatic response to user input.
  • IAM132m is an Ohm's Law calculator for a midterm project.
  • IAM132f is a Flash Life game demonstrating more complex logic and animation.
  • The Ajax Demo demonstrates a technology for creating interactive web applications.
  • Browser Info demonstrates a way to find the browser type and window dimensions in JavaScript so that pages can be customized to the viewing environment.
  • The Flash 3D Demo demonstrates a navigable 3D environment in Flash. The objects are still 2D.
  • The Web Reference demonstrates a Flash menu system as well as some CSS techniques.