Jim Sparks – UFO Abductee?

Art Bell had Jim Sparks, author of “The Keepers“, a book describing years of his abduction experiences by the “Grays”, as the guest on Coast to Coast tonight. Art was sufficiently intrigued by this guest to run the show an extra hour (which KVI the local affiliate was kind enough to carry). I’ve got mixed feelings about this one.

On the one hand, he goes into his story with an incredible amount of detail, John Mack has worked with him and I believe that John Mack had been a credible individual, and he really came across as willing to talk about pretty much anything.

On the other hand, he is a book author trying to sell his book, and thus has an agenda. I am bothered by the fact that, other than the Interview on Coast to Coast,

Overall though I found it to be a compelling interview. Whitley Strieber and others have also authored books about their experiences so that in and of itself doesn’t automatically make Jim Sparks a scam artist.

Although the beings that Mr. Sparks describes were different than what I encountered, other aspects were similar. He described the light in the craft as coming from nowhere but everywhere. That’s the way it was in my experience, there was light but no obvious source and no shadows. It’s as if the light came into existence in the air although the air did not appear unusual.

Anyway, I found it interesting enough that I feel that if you are interested in this subject, then it would be worth looking into. Here are some links:

Well, there is more out there.

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