Fusion Powered Single Stage to Orbit

You will want to look at this document. I first found out about it on a mail list, Googled for content and found it on a public site that had a lot of questionable material so I thought it was hocum, but then I found it on a government military site at http://stinet.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?AD=ADA446973&Location=U2&doc=GetTRDoc.pdf.

The document is marked as being approved for public release, distribution unlimited (or else I wouldn’t be posting here).

If I read the document correctly, the government has working aneutronic (clean no neutrons) dense focus plasma fusion technology already, has experimented with it, determined how much thrust as well as extra energy for electricity can be generated with various parameters; and expects to have single-stage to orbit space planes for low earth orbit by 2025 and beyond by 2050.

If this is the unclassified stuff they’re willing to tell us about, what’s the classified stuff?

If they’ve got this fusion source, it’s clean (aneutronic), it’s working, the “excess” power being as much as 5.1 gigawatts (that’s equivalent to the output of maybe 7 or 8 nuclear fission reactors), why isn’t this energy technology being deployed to meet our energy needs?

They also talk in this document about excess energy being deployed to power gravity or time-distorting devices. Why is all this advanced capability being kept from the public, or now that this document is released as unclassified, perhaps it’s not?

I wish someone would share the game plan.

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