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Second “Law” Of Thermal Dynamics

One thing that all free energy, perpetual motion, and energy from the ether or zero point energy schemes have in common is that they all break the second law of thermal dynamics and are generally therefore considered impossible.

But there is growing evidence that the second law of thermal dynamics is more like a general rule than a law and can be broken under certain circumstances, which often seem to involve small systems over short periods of time, or biological systems.

This article from Physics World describes one experimental system in which entropy is consumed rather than produced.  There are examples of biological systems that seem to defy the second law of thermal dynamics, and there are experimental chips containing arrays of nano-diodes that take background radiant heat energy which at room temperatures falls in the terahertz regions, rectify it and produce small amounts of electricity, these chips defy the second law of thermal dynamics creating order from disorder.

Some say that these examples really do not defy the second law of thermal dynamics because the Earth isn’t a closed system, and it is possible the universe may not be a closed system, it may in fact be infinite, and if this is the case, then what limitations does the second law of thermal dynamics really impose on human activities?

Clearly the universe has some degree of order, and unless the laws of physics changed since it’s creation, the universe must be infinite.  We don’t live long enough to observe the universe as a whole winding down, we can only look at things and assume they are in various states and in the process of winding down.

I see evidence much to the contrary.  What I see when I look at the universe, is a universe that is likely teaming with life, and life appears to seek to add order, and life appears to be expanding and increasing.  As intelligent species throughout the universe continue to expand and to improve their technology and expand their ability to willfully change their environment, I think this points to the possibility of quite a different picture than a heat death in our distant future.  It also points to the possibility for our own technology developing down quite a different line than simply consuming greater and greater amounts of energy and creating greater and greater quantities of waste.