The Big Clock (1948)

John Farrow

Screenplay by Jonathan Latimer; adapted by Harold Goldman from the novel by Kenneth Fearing

Ray Milland (George Stroud)
Charles Laughton (Earl Janoth)
Maureen O'Sullivan (Georgette Stroud)
George Macready (Steve Hagen)
Rita Johnson (Pauline York)
Elsa Lanchester (Louise Patterson)
Henry Morgan (Bill)

The star of the show.
Publicity shot of Hagen and Janoth in front of a big clock. (But not the Big Clock.)
Publicity shot: George and Pauline's turn in front of a big clock.
Janoth and Hagen.
George at the scene of the crime.
George forgot he had a giant Patterson painting hanging in his office.
Janoth is annoyed the big clock stopped.
Wacky artist Patterson.

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