Complete summary of Clash By Night (1952)

May Doyle returns home after ten years and a legal battle with her former lover's wife. She starts dating self-proclaimed "beefy guy" Jerry D'Amato, who owns the fishing boat where her brother works. Although dating Jerry, she is attracted to his harsh and offensive best friend Earl. Jerry proposes, but May rejects him, saying she would be bad for him. After Earl makes a pass at her, May accepts Jerry's proposal. A year later, they have a baby but May is restless. When Earl visits them and passes out drunk, Jerry puts him to bed. The next morning, Jerry leaves for work, and a hung over Earl attacks May who kisses him back. Jerry hears a rumour of their affair and confronts the couple, who admit the affair. May blames the boredom of domestic life for her affair. Egged on by his uncle, Jerry goes to the movie house where Earl works as a projectionist and strangles him. He almost chokes Earl to death, but comes to his senses and leaves May and Earl in disgust. May goes to her home to get her daughter Gloria and realises that Earl doesn't want Gloria to join them. She has a change of heart and returns to Jerry and Gloria.

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