Complete summary of Criss Cross (1949)

Anna Dundee plots to run away with her ex-husband Steve Thompson. Anna's currently married to gang leader Slim. Steve and Slim are working together when they stage a fight for the cops, but the fight turns real and almost gets out of hand. Steve works as a security guard for an armoured car company. The day they're about to deliver a payroll, one of the three armoured car guards is diverted, leaving Steve and his old fellow guard/mom's boyfriend to guard the car.

In flashback, we learn that Anna's and Steve's marriage was passionate but rocky. After the divorce, Anna married Slim because Steve's best friend and cop Pete Ramirez made her stay away from Steve. Anna and Steve were discovered together by Slim. To protect them, Steve made up a plan to rob the armoured car and Slim agreed.

Slim's gang ambushes the armoured car. They kill Pap, Steve shoots Slim and Slim's gang members, but Steve is badly wounded himself. In the hospital, Steve learns that he has been proclaimed a hero for shooting the robbers. Pete suspects Steve and if Steve doesn't confess, he won't protect Steve and Slim will send a hitman. Steve doesn't confess but gets the husband of a patient to guard him. Howevever, the "husband" turns out to be one of Slim's men. Steve bribes the hitman with $10,000 to take him to the hideout, where Anna's waiting with the stolen payroll. Anna berates Steve for leading Slim's man to her hideout. She prepares to abandon Steve because injured, he would slow her down. A car approaches the house. Slim enters the house, gun in hand. As Steve and Anna embrace, Slim kills them. Sirens sound as Slim realises he's going to be caught.

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